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Tully, NY 13159


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We are taking many steps to ensure continued pet care for your furry family members while ensuring your safety while visiting our office. We will be here to help your pets no matter how the COVID-19 situation develops.

We are using a strategic disinfection plan to minimize any risk of infection for our clients. We are cleaning door knobs, our lobby, counters, phones etc. many times each day. Our exam rooms are being disinfected between every single exam. We are taking many precautions.

We also ask that you limit the number of people coming in with a pet to one or two. If you are showing any signs of illness please let us know and we will come get your pet from your car.

Your health and safety are a top concern when visiting our office. If for any reason you are uncomfortable entering our building, please call the front desk and we will send a team member to retrieve your pet from the car. For the health and safety of our staff, if anyone in the household is sick for any reason please inform our team members on the phone prior to your arrival. We are taking every step to decrease the incidents of infection while ensuring care for your pet.

Please also note that according to the World Health Organization, there is not evidence that companion animals can spread COVID-19 to humans. 

We will get through this together. No matter what it takes, we will not let the care of your furry family member suffer as a result. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns.


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