Seresto Collar

We know our clients are concerned about the recent article regarding the Seresto Collars. This is our statement in response to the article.

There are no treatments or medications that are 100% safe. SHVH has been selling Seresto Collars since 2012 and we have not received any calls reporting the neurological side effects mentioned in the article, nor have we experienced any severe reactions reported by our patients/clients from exposure to the collar. Rarely, localized loss of hair or skin irritation have been reported.

Additionally, the article notes that many of the collars were purchased on Amazon or in pet stores. Unfortunately, some counterfeit collars have been sold through these distributors. We have seen these fake collars on our patients.  

Seresto Collars bought at SHVH are guaranteed to be the authentic product. We also work directly with the manufacturing company on behalf of our clients should an adverse reaction arise.

We still believe that the Seresto Collar is a very safe and effective product. We will continue to monitor these claims, if you have any additional questions please give us a call.

Dr. Lydia Aris and SHVH Staff

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